Enjoy 100%, unconditional rebate of premiums not used for payouts

No Conflict of Interest

Traditional Insurance: Your premiums are the insurance company’s revenue. Every dollar paid out to you for your claims is a dollar less in profit for the insurance company.

bandboo: All premiums you have paid belong to you and stay in your Bandboo Account. We make no profits by denying claims.

High Transparency

Traditional Insurance: You have no information on how your premiums are calculated or what they are used for.

bandboo: You have full access to the information on payouts and premiums required each month.

Low Cost

Traditional Insurance: Excess premiums collected are pocketed as profits.

bandboo: 100%, unconditional rebate of premiums not used to pay out claims.

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Unemployment Insurance 

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Our Principle


No Claim No Pay™

Bandboo is the only insurance platform where you can enjoy a 100%, unconditional rebate of your premiums not paid out as claims.

If there are no claims during your membership term, you pay $0 premium during your renewal.

Our Technology


Blockchain Ledger

Our proprietary blockchain-based ledger tracks all records on premiums, payouts and claims. It cannot be altered, not even by the Bandboo administration.

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